1. A Shop In A Shop

    In our recent post we introduced the first part of our activities at the Barbican: A Dinner with DesignMarketo and Friends (edit: pictures here); we also published a few picture of our work-in-progress… well, it’s now open!

    A shop in a shop; Barbican Art Centre
    As reported earlier on our blog (In Progress: 12) DesignMarketo is currently presenting a selection of products at the Barbican Centre. From the 31st of March onward, we will showcase specifically commissioned products. * Some more pictures of the shop.

    MG 8812

    Special Commissions
    Our first specially commissioned collection for the Barbican will be presented from the 31st of March, first at the dinner we organise as part of the current show, and from-then-onward in the shop; the commission is planned somehow as a response to the exhibition Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970s presenting the work of Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown and Gordon Matta-Clark—who are great inspirations for our own work, and are definitely influencing many of our friends.

    31st of March—A Dinner With DesignMarketo
    Maud Faussurier is teaming up again with us to design a special menu for our guests; the theme is around seeds, sprouts, shoots and leaves—despite the seasonal scarcity, we will manage to get some colours in your plate for you to celebrate the coming of Spring!
    Booking and details

    Shelves at the moment are containing amongst others in a neatly packed order: Alexandre Bettler, Amandine Alessandra, Arabeschi Di Latte, At Work, Officeabc, David Weatherhead, Front Yard Company, Harry Thaler, Julian Bond, Maria Jeglinska, Mischer Traxler, Nicola Zocca, Sarah Gottlieb, Household, Sang Bleu edition (Maxime Buechi and Jeanne Salomé Rochat) and Sibylle Stoeckli.

    MG 8817



    … and (more) Friends

    5th and 6th of March at The Rag Factory; Olivier Rodriguez presents:
    Drawings by Jean-Luc Guionnet and film by Paul Abbott shown during the As alike As Trees festival. Free entry.
    McCoy studio 16 Heneage Street
    London E1 5LJ

    7th of March Leila’s shop, East London
    «De virtutibus aqua ardens — On the virtue of burning waters: A guided tasting of finest fruit spirits and an excentric Schwarzwald Dry Gin» Christoph Keller’s Gin tasting, hosted at Leila’s shop (Admittance: 30 people max, must be over 18, admission fee £50 in advance with a credit card over the phone Tel: 020 7729 9789 or come by and pay cash/cheque or £70 at the door with the very likely risk of a full venue and therefore disappointment)
    more details: http://abake.fr/

    10th March 2011 Café Oto, for one night only, has curated an evening of the best in Japanese underground music. 
    more details: http://www.cafeoto.co.uk/tatsuhisa-yamamoto.shtm and http://www.barbican.org.uk/artgallery/event-detail.asp?ID=11718

    17th March Barbican Art Centre
    Will Holder—the first public reading from ”Yes, But Is It Edible?” on the 17th of March at the Barbican Gallery
    more details: http://www.barbican.org.uk/artgallery/event-detail.asp?ID=11719


    Stay in touch
    ★ How could I recommend you more to stay up-to-date with our activities on FacebookTwitter or via the Mailinglist—you would be sad to miss anything we are working on right now!

    ★ Our online shop is open 24h 7 days a week: http://designmarketo.com
    ★ Barbican Shop is open daily 11am-8pm (except Tue & Wed 11am-6pm, Thu 11am-10pm – excluding 24th, 25th and 26th of December)

  2. In progress 2 – imminent launch

    This is another update (see earlier) on our work for our first retail space, hosted by the Barbican in their gallery shop – the opening of this new collaboration will coincide with their new show: Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970s

    IMG 0240

    The shop is currently featuring a selection of products commissioned for our past events Tea Tasting (Future Beauty: 30 years of Japanese Fashion) at Barbican and the FoodMarketo events (in collaboration with Apartamento magazine: Fruits&Vegetables at Milan Salone del Mobile 2010 and Coffee&Friends at London Design Festival 2010) as well as some objects showcased on the website… Slowly the selection will grow with the new collection assembled for the collaboration with the Barbican Art Gallery.

    We are all very excited by the feedbacks, the drawings and pictures of the projects we are receiving from the design team. The products will be exclusively presented in avant-premiere on the night of the 31st of March during the dinner we organise in the gallery. There are a few seats left, so if you haven’t booked yet, you should
    Reading the emails from Maud—with who we are planning/designing the menu—is simply mouth-watering. For those of you who attended our Coffe&Friends event last september, she was the one in charge of the kitchen and prepared the amazing nibbles and finger food of our party. For those who missed it, head over the booking page at Barbican—you don’t really want to miss this!

    * If you are abroad, please stay re-assured as the website will receive an update on both it content and its design in the coming weeks and most of the products available in our first retail shop, will also be available online.

    ** As usual: how could I recommend you more to stay up-to-date with our activities on FacebookTwitter or via the Mailinglist—you would be sad to miss anything!