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Cup that becomes the image of a roman column when stacked. The cup was designed and developed together with young adults with learning disabilities during a series of workshop held that the ICA and the Glass Hill workshop.

Glass Hill
Markus and Joe met at the Royal College of Art in 2005 on Ron Arad’s Design Products course. Originally from Sweden, Markus studied at Danish College of Design, Copenhagen, where he was frustrated with the college’s conventional view on consumer products, on graduation in 2003 moving to London via Stockholm. Meanwhile Joe was in High Wycombe, the home of English vernacular furniture, learing how to draw and measure and cut, mostly wood. At the end of his course he moved to London and was Tord Boontje’s first assistant, assisting on projects for luxury brands and fancy people. Slightly dissheartened by his experience of this world Joe went on to work for a refreshingly straight-forward bespoke furniture maker in east London before applying to the RCA MA. As part of his graduation piece from the Royal College Markus set about designing and building a vessel with which to charter the canals of London. The resulting canoe was a challenge in every sense and help as needed both practical and moral. Joe being a year junior and handy with a chisel offered his help. The subsequent month of very late nights, resin sanding and general woodwork, though dissmissed by tutors as being tactical work avoidance, was in fact a valuable lesson in making real things from basic stuff with a bit of reasearch and a lot of hardwork. The London Canoe Project left Regents park on the morning of the 22 of May and reached the Limehouse Basin that evening, and after surviving a night bike locked to a lamp post has become the artifact of the start of an ongoing collaboration that now finds itself, as of January 2010 and along with the architect Simon Jones, called Glass Hill and resident in the eponymous street in Southwark. As well as being a member of Glass Hill Simon is senior architect at 6a, with offices in Bloomsbury, where also, what would soon become the Glass Hill workshop was first set up, running after hours from the attic of the building. Glass Hill has completed the new RCA Artbar and Wood Finch Rare Books interiors, they like this type of work becuase they like selling real things. They have also done the event at the ICA which was nice because they designed and made everything for a meal and more. They make. Both being assumed furniture designers, are interested in modern furniture for use with a contextual and sideways fashion lean. Joe also worked as head of furniture design for Tom Dixon Ltd. designing a few collections including Bit of Rough, Utility and the 2010 collection Industry meanwhile Markus was employed at Skene Catling de la Pena Architects where he was managing odd but exciting projects falling into to the non-commercial category of the business.

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