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BarAlto 2011 Jasleen Kaur MG 5208JK MG 5235


Duralex Picnic Glasses, for clumsy Indians.


My great granddad moved to Britain in 1950. He made a living from pushing a homemade cart from door to door selling goods or spotting construction sites from afar and turning up to see if there was any jobs going. He dressed like a real gentleman, like one of those proud to be British types, with a well kept moustache and tweed hat (a modern replacement for his once traditional turban). He was an in-betweener,

a hybrid of both Indian and British and in his undecided state, functioned beautifully in his new surroundings.

The things I observe and make are how I see my great granddad and myself. Although constructed from many things, they just work.

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