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The Reflect-Please bags are designed for people who desire to be visible when cycling around town while carrying a bag. They can be used both as carrier and/or cycling bags (the Velcro bag can be used both as a reflective jacket and a backpack for cycling). As most people using reflective jackets on bikes also cover them with a backpack, the Reflect-Please bags will allow you to carry objects while remaining visible.

Bag as used for shopping, Reflect-Please, by Alexandre Bettler

The Reflect-Please bags are designed using a workers’ waistcoat and its reflective material for a daily use. All the bags are designed and produced locally in East London and have been short-listed for the 2007 NES (New Entrepreneur Award).

The Reflect-Please Velcro bags are specially designed to be used in 2 ways. They are specially made to be used both as a bag and a vest. Wear the vest option when cycling/walking somewhere, and then the bag option to carry your shopping and still be visible. Available in many different colours. Only Yellow and Orange are certified EN 471.

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