Thank you Maud!!! Pepper the spice that changed the world: 100 recipes over 3000 years

Loving the smell of old books! Some treasures in there! (at woburn walk)

Baies roses, aka Bourbon Pepper – our Perfume, Sir? Event for #LDF is looming

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How they worked forms and colours at elbulli


The eternal and everlasting Bialetti has taken a slight Norwegian twist!

What if you too brought in to your kitchen a touch of forest?! Available at DesignMarketo shop.


Just a few more of Martino Gamper’s stools are up for grabs! The perfect seats for the Friends of the Arnold Circus events.

Lime Green, Boat blue, Purple, Maroon..take your pick and enjoy them as you wish. Our friends from Arnold Circus made the most of them during their East  London events… Circus picnic, brass band concerts, carrom tournaments, flower plantings and of course music and film events! Read more at DesignMarketo shop.

Refurbished Glasses, nothing is ever too old!

Unwanted, mismatched and old are the keywords that better describe Matteo and Lucia’s pieces. User Development Organisation manages to refurbish and recreate simple, unique pieces. These Glasses were commissioned exclusively for our opening night at the Coffee and Friends in London, during the London Design Festival. Still available at DesignMarketo shop.


Sybille’s idea will rock your night in!

You’ve had a few glasses of wine, now it’s time to share something stronger with friends! What could be better than a shot!? The round, familiar style of the Duralex tumblers is kept at the base of this design, developing into a small but effective dodecagon of liquor. Try new ways to taste your favourite drink with this small, new tumbler-shot glass. More at DesignMarketo shop.

Bar Alto goes wild..and welcomes ODLCO’s new design for our Bar Alto Atlanta 2012.

Coated in fibers normally used to create animal hunting decoys, these glasses bring a bit of wild outdoors into Bar Alto. Available at DesignMarketo shop.