A workshop lead by Julien Renault at the occasion of Bar Alto Mons 2015.

The workshop has been a joint collaboration with the school of Applied Arts from Hainault (Cours des Métiers d’Arts du Hainaut) and has been a fantastic occasion to experiment and change habits of the various speciality cut high-relief, fusion, colour through the work realised on Durobor’s “Stockholm” glass.

To produce the Grind and Brick series, Julien started with the cut. His aim was to bring controlled randomness in this traditional process where the movement totally controlled and mastered is often classical and ornamental. The goal was to free the cut in order to transform tactile and visual quality of this industrially produced glass.

Once cut, they decided to control very precisely the deformation of the material in order to bring an organic perimeter on the top rim while preserving its general silhouette.

The Storm series is done using the deformed glass as a base. Colour is replacing the cut, and enamel is pulverised directly. The “Stockholm” glass is becoming through these simple actions the support for a liberated expressivity.

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