[image title=”A family of table tops mounted on tripods, by Markus Bergström” size=”large” id=”208″ align=”none” linkto=”https://designmarketo.com/table-top/” ]
The table top designed by Markus Bergström — we really liked the smart disposable mini table: take a tripod and screw it on top — a coffee table in a snap!

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DesignMarketo was developed to allow young designers to sell their products to a wide audience.
Based in London, it allows anyone in the world to sell/buy products from other designers.

[image title=”Friend of Arnold Circus Stool (green), by Martino Gamper” size=”large” id=”354″ align=”none” linkto=”https://designmarketo.com/arnold-circus-stool” ]
The stool Martino Gamper designed for Friends of Arnold Circus in London. It is a robust plastic stool — we loved the project in its simplicity and in its context–malleability: get a stool, and if you turn it upside down you get a nice flower pot, or a bin. If you got many of them, you can also easily pile them to store them and save space.