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First, the eye glides over the object, considering it as a whole and in its particular form. Then the eye fixes on a detail. And so the association of ideas takes place, and the typologic element, which makes sense, unfurls and takes on a new meaning. This is how Sibylle Stoeckli invests herself in the three dimensions which surround her. She likes to modify, with a simple detail, the perception of an object. Always with humor, she is sensitive to the modular aspect of things, the various uses that we can give them; a freedom she also leaves to the user, proposing elements which are an invitation to interact.

Born in 1979 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Sibylle Stoeckli began studying visual arts at the ECAL, then after one semester, she specialized in graphic art. Guided by her taste for the eclecticism of approaches and the diversity of her interests, she ended up studying product design. Then followed a training period in London, at Barber & Osgerby design studio. In 2005, she was awarded the Bourses Federales swiss prize in design. Currently, according to the various cooperations, she navigates between her textile label louise blanche and her product and furniture developpement.

A text portrait by Aurelie de Morsier