Emergence Stool
Phillip Euell

These simple three-legged stools are an exercise in triangular geometry and material fluidity. The walnut accentuates the interplay between linear rigidity and soft curves with it’s contrasting dark and light tones. The stools are hand-crafted in Paris.


The stools are part of a collection that Euell called emergence. In addition to the stools, there is a side chair, a console, a low table and two floor lamps — all made from fruitwood. The scientific concept of emergence inspired this collection. Emergence is the manifestation of properties in nature that are the effect of precursor elements, but share no predictable characteristics with them. In the design context, emergence is essentially the idea that recombination of diverse influences in form, color and texture can birth new objects that are whole and original — that aren’t indebted or foreshadowed by their precursor elements. Thus, these six pieces aspire to be sui generis or of their own.


Note: The stools are hand-crafted, only a few in stock. Please contact us for lead time and shipping quote.


Materials: Pear wood or Walnut

Dimensions: 50x50x50 cm

Weight: 5kg