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  6. DesignMarketo is a platform promoting up-and-coming designers and diffusing their small and limited productions.

    We commission product, organise exhibitions, workshops and events where you can pop by and see the real thing presented in a relaxed and friendly environment.

    DesignMarketo slowly developed in an organic way and expanded its network of friends to a larger audience of people interested in design, food, social interaction, experimenting and having a good time.
    Welcome to the family.

    Credits The website has been developed by Electronest: http://electronest.com Most of the pictures have been taken by Amandine Alessandra,

    Backstage For the last few month, aalex and i have been working really hard on a new project: DesignMarketo. The core idea is to provide designer with a tool that lets them expend their audience and public exposure and sells their nice projects. DesignMarketo offers a selection of the last nice things we came across, mostly, at our friends studio. We went trough all the low and highs working on such projects can provide (think: credit crunch in sept 08); but seen from here and now, it has been mostly a lot of fun and discoveries. Meeting people and discussing about their works and how to provide them with some solutions really did carry our minds away. I really enjoyed developing the project basics, its structure, talking business plan, business model, how to make this adventure a profitable venture…

    Of course when Credit Crunch badly hit the UK in septembre 08 we had our pack of doubts, but we finally realised that it was on the contrary a great occasion to make things differently and to open up new area for designers to explore in the self production area – we will be there to assist them and help them diffuse and sell their clothes, furniture, books, prints

    We sincerely hope you will enjoy the project :)
    Jerome, for DesignMarketo.

    Jotta Interview

    Jotta (an online and offline community for art, design and communication) ran a nice interview, read more on their website here

    Lars Frideen featured in Wallpaper

    Wallpaper in its May 2010 issue features the work of Lars Frideen; read more

    FoodMarketo in the New York Times

    * New York Times magazine reported about the FoodMarketo we held in London – the series of event around Design and Food.

    Like Super Natural, FoodMarketo was in the Brompton Design District, one of several such districts in the festival. A joint effort by Apartamento magazine and Design Marketo, a company that allows young designers to get their products (from greeting cards to tables) to a wider audience, this engagingly ad-hoc basement installation, designed by Max Lamb and Lars Frideen, was half cafe (selling coffee from Coleman Coffee Roasters) and half pop-up shop. The cafe furniture was for sale, as were objects like the irresistible lollipops flavored with coffee and tea that were cast in silver spoons by Amandine Alessandra.

    More Press documents here

    ** we are compilling press document on our press website here. Check it out..