Booksetting on BoingBoing

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This morning we realised that Amandine’s work on books used for typesetting had been featured by Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing. See the post here. In her work, Amandine is using books the same way printers of the pre-digital era used cast metal to compose texts. One of Amandine’s output for this work has been a… Read more »

Bread Workshop at Barbican

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This saturday, Alexandre Bettler organised a Bread Workshop: Le Corbusier Bakes Units”; part of the Le Corbusier exhibition at Barbican, there was a day of activities and workshop – see here for more details and here for pictures of the event on Flickr. * One of the ‘The Bread Workshops’ is actually developped, documented and… Read more »

SuperMarketo – BETA

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It has been a long time since Alexandre and I started the work on this project — now we reached a point where the project is ready to go public in beta version. Beta version means the interface still might have a few glitches, we (still) welcome any feedbacks to improve the website — and… Read more »

OK RM on SuperMarketo

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OK RM is a graphic design studio based in East London. Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath joined the (yet) short list of designers on SuperMarketo with their latest self produced book: In Other Words. * Check their website

Early birds

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This is the current list of designers who had projects they wanted to sell anf who were happy to come and play with us from the start. All Cats Are Grey Amandine Alessandra Markus Bergström Martino Gamper Alexandre Bettler

SuperMarketo photoshoots

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Amandine helped us to take all the pictures for SuperMarketo – we installed a photo-studio in a corner of the warehouse; she came with all her material: lamps, flashes, tripod and it was great to see one by one the pictures of the objects that would come on the website… It has been so exciting… Read more »

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! * I know it’s a bit geek but i like to keep the default post WordPress unfold with – but it’s a good time mark.