Dapper Dan issue 5 is out!

The awesome Dapper Dan, Men’s fashion and Philosophy magazine is back in its 5 instalment: The Glamour of the Clandestine.
We don’t sell it on DesignMarketo but i’m sure you will find ways to get your hands on it!

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from their blog announce the new issue:

In Dapper Dan’s fifth issue, the media theorist McKenzie Wark dissects the everyday life and glorious times of the Situationists; the visionary designer-turned-artist Helmut Lang talks about his past and future; Eric Isaacson, co-owner of the iconic label Mississippi Records, insists that “it’s still amateur hour round here”; the artist AA Bronson sits down with pirates, Indians, shamans, Nazis, demons and Joseph Beuys; We also visit the engimatic designer Junya Watanabe; the international street-collage gangster Michael Anderson; the charismatic front man Ben Wallers; the quintessential American in Milano, Edward Buchanan; While the writer Angelo Flaccavento muses on presence and absence; and the legendary fashion photographer Hans Feurer talks to Filep Motwary.

Dapper Dan 05 is already out in Europe, and will soon be available worldwide at selected newsstands, bookstores and fashion boutiques. Follow this link for stockist details.


If you haven’t yet read it, their manifesto is quite enjoyable:

We believe that a man’s style is something that derives from his own personality, not from ephemeral “trends”.

We enjoy opinionated men. Men with a sense of purpose and a soul. Smart, intelligent and creative; men with ideas and ideology. Men who are their own men, who don’t fit others’ standards.



We don’t believe in negativity.

We believe in revolution.

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  • Kissen3

    get thinking about men on bikes! I think it is about the ability to choose your own way, it starts with wheels that go round! M

  • jrmrgd

    Hey That could be a nice article for DD6!

    – Jerome Rigaud On The Go