Designed by use. #2

Desire Paths

If there was such a thing as a classic “designed by use” scenario this would be it, the ‘Desire paths’.

‘Desire paths’ exist in the parks of any city around the world, no matter how polite their citizens are, or how much civic responsibility they have.
You can find them even in Switzerland, and also in the most remote small cities of Japan.

Created by the rebellious act of a bunch of citizens, desire paths represent the eternal conflict between desire and reason, between the ordinary citizen,.. and landscape architects.

Well before the concept of crowd solving was consciously applied to design, desire paths were created using the same principle. Overlapping the wandering trajectories of unrelated pedestrians, who shared the same goal, will come to define the optimal path connecting two points.

The result is an accumulative solution. A solution for getting from A to B, designed by use.

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