1. Martino’s chairs – some of my favs amongst the hundred ones

  2. Mesmerising Marbles VII

    IMG 5210

  3. Mesmerising Marbles VI

    IMG 5240

  4. Mesmerising Marbles V

    IMG 5254

  5. Mesmerising Marbles IV

    IMG 5249

  6. Mesmerising Marbles III

    IMG 5208

  7. Mesmerising Marbles II

    IMG 5224IMG 5221

  8. Mesmerising Marbles I

    IMG 5228IMG 5229

  9. DesignMarketo’s manifesto-v0.2

    DesignMarketo emerged from a common frustration:
    to see so many good designers and products made by our friends, but usually left hidden taking the dust in the back of their workshops. So we decided to give these products a visible presence.

    Following our then motto, “emptying designers’ stock for your pleasure”, our first two collections (Collection 1 and Collection 2) were featuring a selection of exciting objects designed and made by various friends. Our third collection (The Flat Pack Le Plus Cool), exclusively introducing the work of Lars Frideen, was first presented as an exhibition: people came and experienced the real thing in an everyday life context. Bookshelves were filled with books, and chairs with people reading.

    This was a turning point for DesignMarketo: real life interaction combined with a digital platform, exciting objects with stories to tell.

    Since then, our interest in the creative process behind
    the existence of objects has broaden considerably: DesignMarketo now works as a set of experiments, intertwining promotion, production and social events, may it be a lemonade bar in Sofia, a dinner at the Barbican or a friendly café in Brompton. We are now working on crowd funding, production, events — exploring the everyday life of objects, experimenting with food
    and products, design and internet… such a great list of ingredients to provide us with a lot of fun!


    extract from DesignMarketo: Retrospection, published at the occasion of our show at Otracosas.

  10. Working a few days in Florence…


    Working a few days in Florence; from last week with love.

    NDLR/NB: there’s no Pisa tower in Florence… it’s just… oh well—you’ll see!