1. Kopiaste

  2. Retrospection: DesignMarketo at Otrascosas
  3. Tea Tasting
  4. Wundertute Tea House
  5. Fruits and Vegetables,
    Milan 2010
  6. Coffee and Friends,
    London 2010
  7. Seeds, sprouts, shoots and leaves
  8. Clerkenwell Design Week
  9. Lemonade For All,
    Sofia Design Week 2011
  10. Kopiaste
  11. BAR ALTO
  12. INTERIEUR BISTRO – Freshly Cut
  13. Perfume, Sir?

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    The heart of Kopiaste lies in its origin as a Greek word traditionally used in Cypriot culture as a welcome and invitation to: ‘Take the trouble to come; sit down and share.’

    Drawing on this concept, a series of objects from DesignMarketo have been selected that embody this approach to sharing, food and experience. These are displayed alongside a new set of commissions by Haptic Thought which will engage with this Mediterranean sensibility, asking both the designers and the visitors to question the role of design given the current economic climate in Europe. A Reading Room and shop curated with Athens-based OMMU displays a selection of books and publications to share ideas on food, hospitality and life and explore the role of design in a time of crisis. Through sharing basic consumables (such as ice and bread) created from moulds, Kopiaste invites people to enjoy the temporary, start conversations and engage in the simplicity of everyday design.

    Kopiaste is a project by Haptic Thought & DesignMarketo

    Michael Anastassiades, Study-O-Portable, Philippe Malouin, Greece is for Lovers
    Reading Room curated with OMMU

    Venue Address: 4 Cromwell Place (Ground Floor), SW7 2JE

    Brompton Opening Night:
    Thursday 20 September 6 – 8:30pm
    Dates: 17 – 23 September
    Hours: 11am – 7 pm

    For more information about the workshops or press please email: kopiaste@hapticthought.com