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* Recently, DesignMarketo got a new team member—yes, this is Jeanne. She is now a little over 2 months old. That’s a fantastic time and it brought to our attention a series of new ideas and things—to speak about, to share, to build upon.

Kindling Quarterly is one of those things you come across, discover slowly and let yourself be amazed by—it’s a magazine with a format not dissimilar from the magazine from our friends at Apartamento; it has a very similar take on Fatherhood as Apartamento does for Interiors and everyday life. It embraces and champions an eased vision of the dad that fits in the everyday life of our globalised culture; it puts fatherhood in a context that is very familiar yet not widely accepted in the society.

It’s a beautiful magazine; the content is very interesting—and it’s also a fantastic read to ease and discover more experiences, similar or inspirational for the new (and not so new) dads Enjoy!

Designmarketo presents KINDLING quaterly, a magazine that speaks about fatherhood, art, culture and life at large

From their about section:
Kindling Quarterly is an exploration of fatherhood. Through essays, interviews, editorials, art, and photography we highlight creative individuals whose work and lives are inseparable from their role as a parent. There is no shortage of familiar portrayals of dads in media yet we aim to present a thoughtful dialogue about fatherhood that is missing from our cultural landscape. Men who are active caregivers are not a novelty and we do not depict them as such. While the subjects of our stories are fathers, each issue appeals to anyone interested in art, creativity, and community. Kindling Quarterly playfully assesses and celebrates the multitude of experiences that form contemporary fatherhood.

Issue 1 is featuring: Dan Funderburgh, Joe Randazzo, Shawn James Seymour, Jason Roskey, Rohan Anderson-they also have a feature about travelling to the lovely Istanbul with a baby!
Issue 2 (not yet available) will feature: John Moore, Chris Kaskie, Sam Anderson and Everard Findlay.

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