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DesignMarketo presents Lars Frideen and his 10 degree chair during the London Design Festival 2009.
Lars designed a set of 3 piece of furniture for our 3rd exhibition, amongst which the 10 degree chair – along the 15 degree shelf and the 360 degree shelf.

Admittedly Lars more than once cursed himself over the past few weeks for thinking simple rules makes a simple life—he designed this extremely simple chair (simple cuts for beautiful furniture) with strict rules in mind:

1. no fixings, screws or glue
2. each element would consist of three or less different parts.
3. one angle per element (90Ëš is considered as default)
4. two tools maximum to produce each element.

This chair comes in a flat pack, and is simply assembled/disassembled by sliding and (un-)interlocking the parts together. Elements are easily connectable to their twin, augmenting the possible combinations and uses.
It is part of the third collection, entirely designed by Lars Frideen and presented by DesignMarketo during the London Design Festival 2009.

For any custom made order, special request or question please get in touch.

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