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Baumkuchen Bangle is a set of bangles made in the same ways as ‘Baumkuchen’, the German cake baked on a spit.

They are bangles made in the spirit of slow cooking (it takes about 6-10 hours to make one trunk), and are shared by many people. Each trunk yields between 5-10 bangles.
The bangles are cut out of each trunk and polished, and sold by the weight, just like at the cake market.

About the Baumkuchen cakes:
Known as the “King of Cakes”, the Baumkuchen is a kind of layered cake, known in many countries throughout Europe. When cut, the cake reveals the characteristic golden rings that give it its German name, Baumkuchen, which literally translates to “tree cake”. To get the ring effect, a thin layer of batter is brushed evenly onto a spit and allowed to bake until golden, after which the process is repeated.

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