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Designed specially for the exhibition How Very Tokyo, Japan, 2008.

The typeface for this poster is based on traditional knitting pattern I found many years ago. It reflects the balance that is Tokyo/Japan for me today: A modern world mixed with strong traditional influences.It has a pixelised and romantic feel to it, at the same time rough and delicate. The little ‘LaForet’ bag is a souvenir from a trip to Tokyo a few years ago. Again, I like its ‘playness’. It is both a very handy bag and a smiley friend which represent very well my view on the Japanese culture: Playful and Useful.

How Very Tokyo has invited a selection of progressive British graphic designers to express their relationship with Tokyo in poster form. Curated by Studio Kanna the exhibition will create a new multi-faceted portrait of the city, highlighting unexpected aspects of Tokyo from an outsider’s point of view.

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