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There is a side B to Bar Basso, behind the designers, the gallery owners and infamous Negronis, lie the students, the young designers, the people that hang out on the street, yet contribute to the buzz of the place. These dwellers of the night are often eager to be part of Bar Basso, but unable to afford Maurizio’s legendary concoctions. My design alludes to the bar across the street, run by two Chinese who sell cheaper Negronis. The modus operandi of a youngster in Milan: get your Negronis from the Chinese and join the party at Bar Basso! I wanted to bring a bit of that experience to London by introducing a Chinese glass inside the Duralex tumbler. Once a cocktail is poured, the sake glass reveals a naughty surprise that will surely be a conversation starter amongst the different crowds.

DesignMarketo BarAlto AllCollection MG 8197 DesignMarketo BarAlto AllCollection MG 8237

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