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In Other Words, by OK-RM

Each year the Oxford English Dictionary is updated with a list of new words and senses with the aim of accurately documenting an ever evolving language. New additions are an interesting way of monitoring the sociological development of human society, with notable inclusions in the fields of Technology, Medicine and Politics alongside additions suggesting multi-cultural and multi-lingual integration.

‘In Other Words…’ is the first in a series of self published booklets conceived and designed by OK-RM. The booklet comprises of 7 new sentences exercising 16 of these new words and senses. For each word there is a definition and a brief history of its origins. An abbreviated history of the OED is included to contextualise the project. All content was written in collaboration with recent Goldsmith’s graduates Marianne Mulvey and Adeena Mey. Printed in a numbered edition of 500.

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