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The Pineapple Bangle is a project that concerns the relationship between a tool of production and the resulting object, as well as a fascination for huge American roadside sculptures such the giant donuts and dinosaurs.

The designers wanted to explore the idea of “making” fruit by taking a method of production used in making patterns on metal rods, called knurling. What interested us about the method is how there are two tools of different patterns that makes the “final pattern, which is a combination of the two. A customised version of this was developped to produce the iconic pineapple pattern as a big bangle. The two tools to make the pattern will also be bangles, making a set bangles consisting of two tools and the pineapple, like a pineapple family. The bangles are made of fiberglass and resin, which makes them light, and easy to wear.

The Pineapple Bangle was commissioned for FoodMarketo for the Milan Design Week 2010.

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