It was a pleasure to welcome you all!

We would have loved to spend more time with each of you; if you couldn’t make it, you still have a chance to discover the space, objects, tastes, smells and drinks: we are open until Saturday night—late—and our bar is open from 5pm…

Dinners on friday night; Saturday we are making cocktails and sculpting ice with Jacopo…

The history of Italy’s favourite drink is tainted in legend. Among the many different theories over the subject, the most reputable tale that of an accidental epiphany. It was 1919 and Count Negroni was about to have his usual Americano at his local, Caffè Casoni. He realised though, that he was in the mood for something stronger, thus he asked the owner, Fosco Scarselli, to substitute the customary soda with a part of Gin. The skillful bar owner executed and the first ever Negroni was served. The Count when on to found the Negroni distillery and marketed a readymade version of the cocktail duly named Antico Negroni 1919.

Maurizio will be back in London with two new cocktails for Perfume sir?

We will soon have the pleasure to see Peter’s great idea on display at Perfume sir?


Peter Marigold’s passion for shapes and materials manifests itself in his inspired, beautiful creations. Peter designs and makes his objects and he set up his own studio after having gradueted at the RCA. His furniture and interiors are enjoying plenty of success both in the UK and internationally and his work has been widely exhibited.