Amandine is a London based graphic designer and photographer.

She recently graduated from LCC (London College of Communication) – nonetheless she already owns a successful interior photography company.
As a graphic designer she develops photographic typography. Her work is being featured world wide in countless books, magazines and blogs which led her to develop a custom photographic typeface for the Optimus Kanguru campaign in Portugal, in collaboration with Euro RSCG.
Her inspiration is coming mostly from the non permanence and the flux of information that she photgraphs and fixes in installations and body movements.

About her poster ‘Book as a block, block as a type = booksetting’, Amandine says:
The adaptation of Thomas Fuller’s phrase “book that is shut is but a block” in the previous bookshelves installation was illustrated by my use of the book for their shape and colour, rather than content; as it is, Muller-Brockmann orange grid book is only interesting for its vermilion a4 shape.

Building up the letters also reminded me very much of typesetting, as every type made of colored books had to be blocked with white books, just as it is done in letterpress, where large areas of white space are created by wooden blocks called furniture.