Seeds, Sprouts, Shoots and Leaves: a dinner party that featured specially commissioned recipes and objects produced by DesignMarketo’s friends and collaborators.

The dinner was held on the 31st in the Garden Room of the Barbican Art centre, just next to the conservatory—we managed to transform the reception hall into a homy-dinner with two large table of 30 guests contemplating the spectacle both on their table and on an additional table where Searcy’s Executive chef, Quentin Fitch and his team were meticulously executing the recipes we designed with him and in collaboration with our friend and great chef, Maud Faussurier.

The designers who’s products where showcased on this very special evening were: Olivier Lellouche, Use Dev Org, Amandine Alessandra, Nicola Zocca, Peter Marigold, Julian Bond, Lars Frideen, and Studio Duho (Hina Tibault & Olivia Descaris).

Date: 31.03.2011
Number of guests: 30 guests
Commissioned by: Barbican Art Centre
Supported by: Searcy Restaurant