The studio’s purpose is to experiment with a new design concept focusing on food fascination and the power of food in creating situations and relationships. Arabeschi di Latte believes in the pursuit of a “daily sense of happiness” through various strategies of participation and alternative functional models that respond to the basic and pleasurable need of social life. Thus far Arabeschi di latte has created actions, objects, images, performances and events for major cultural events such as art, architecture, entertainment, conferences, exhibitions, parties, etc., introducing a modality of light and fresh interventions that each follow a unique concept. Uniting passions, fields of interests and interdisciplinary experiences, Arabeschi di Latte realizes and creates expressive contemporary projects that transcend classification offering a variety of services and collaborations in the creative fields; food concepts, eating events, food design, creative research, consultancy, setting, styling, interior decoration, architecture, packaging solutions, visual communication and art projects.

Founded by Francesca Sarti in 2001.