Martino has an abiding interest in the psycho-social aspects of furniture design, in particular, he has a love of corners and the multiple emotions provoked by the single right angled boundary. Alongside this concern with underused spaces, Gamper also nurtures an interest in unwanted objects. Reworking furniture that has been dumped on the streets, he has created a mismatched family of objects.

Behind each of Gamper’s pieces, there is a story, one that involves materials, techniques, people and places. The finished product is a token of all that, it is the lovely looking thing that sits in the brief.
Martino is also responsible for organising one of the best gorilla style restaurants in town, the Trattoria Al Cappelo.

His work has been exhibited in various exhibitions from the V&A, Design Museum, Sotheby’s, Nilufar Gallery, Oxo Tower, Kulturhuset/Stockholm, MAK/Vienna, National Gallery / Oslo and various other Galleries.