Nelly Ben Hayoun recently graduated from the Royal College of Art’s Design Interactions MA. The department, lead by Prof. Anthony Dunne explores alternative realities and possible futures as a more narrative and engaging way of doing design.

From a textile design and fine art background, she has worked and done performances in Paris, Tokyo, Dublin and London. She is interested in how we can use Interactions Design
and science in our everyday lives to make them more thrilling, creative, passionate and extreme. Her work is about collaboration with experts-scientists and amateurs; it aims to
adapt science to our creative needs.

For DesignMarketo, Nelly Ben Hayoun has explored how to spice up the home-life by using food and fruit mixed with a little dose of dark humour. She usually creates installations built as a platform to facilitate and encourage surreal interactions between audiences and scientists. They are designed to deliver physically thrilling experiences; they bring you into the unknown, into a journey through the physics of the impossible.

Hacking and experimenting with the everyday are her favorite hobbies, as well as trying to explode boundaries between science, design, art, amateurs and professionals.