mO/santimetre is a design and production team, located in a small aegean coastal town in Turkey. Currently using porcelain as their medium and with a particular interest in the study of one’s own culture and memory, they embarked on an adventure to create a table + kitchenware collection from pieces which have previously been reproduced within the mass-production processes and then forgotten, omitted, distorted or just blurred, as an attempt to make such images reappear in our current times, acting as healing tools both for ourselves and the people who share it. Not only because we were jealous of her amazing workshop, but also as big fans of Tulya’s work, we invited mO/santimetre to create a series of Bar Alto glasses for our Bar Alto event, for which she created Athos, Aramis, and Portos, and later a series of Cocktail Plates for our Interieur Bistro event in Kortrijk 2012. We are still hoping to visit her workshop very soon!