‘Interieur Bistro’ is a restaurant concept of freshly cut food and design for Kortrijk’s Biennale Interieur.

Biennale INTERIEUR 2012
20 – 28 October
Kortrijk, Belgium


‘Interieur Bistro’ is a restaurant concept of freshly cut food and design for Kortrijk’s Biennale Interieur 2012


Once again have combined creative processes and came-up with ‘Interieur Bistro: Freshly Cut’, a new recipe for intermingling objects in an everyday context with a bit of production, plenty of design and a twist of our well-known gatherings. 

‘Interieur Bistro: Freshly Cut’ is an immersive event that engaged all of the senses and was based on the activities and ingredients of everyday life. Starting with an exhibition, our freshly cut process will develop into a bistro concept; a place to share, enjoy good food, and experience great design. With 200 chairs to choose from, guests are invited to find their place at one of the 20 tables. Each table will be equipped with personal table kits and trays full of freshly grown plants, which will allow diners to customise each dish with their own personal fresh flavour preference. 

Smells and sensations of fresh herbs will be abundant. A greenhouse, located alongside the dining tables, is the source of the local and seasonal food. The menu will change everyday and offer vegetarian, meat, fish, or a Belgian classic dish, each is served with an accompanying beer or wine selection. The immersive and sensorial atmosphere will create strong connections between design, food and guests and encourage a series of intimate and memorable dining experiences.

Interieur Bistro — Freshly Cut is a commission by the Biennale Interieur Foundation.

Estimated visitors to our event:
over 24.000 visitors (in 8 days)

Special sponsors:
Duralex France, Thorsten Neeland