Phases Mirror
Lex Pott

Amsterdam-based designer Lex Pott produced ‘Phases Mirror’, a limited edition of mirrors for our exhibition ‘Perfume, Sir?’. The mirror was based on ‘Poivre 23’ (Pepper 23 in French), a perfume sample made by LeLabo. DesignMarketo gave each invited designer a sample of the pepper based perfume as a source of inspiration for his or her product.

Lex describes his work with oxidized brass and copper: “When an element like copper is found in nature it has a green appearance. Iron appears orange / brown when extracted from the earth. Oxidized metal surfaces create colours that provide information about a material and the pallete is a reaction with the base material. Therefore, the coloured surfaces have an organic growth of tone and not every colour is possible on every surface.” Like perfume, colouring metals requires accurate recipes. ‘Phases Mirror’ is the result of Lex’s research into metals and their true colours and the product demonstrates a direct relationship between colour, material and time. Inspired by the phases of scent – the ways in which perfumes transform on a body – the mirror reveals beautiful layers of green patina, which are the natural result of the oxidisation process.

Materials: Oxidized brass
Dimensions:  H 20 cm / W 15 cm / D 9 cm
Variations: Brass with a green patina
Each piece is unique.


Phases Mirror is a commission by DesignMarketo for the Perfume, Sir? exhibition, London Design Festival 2013





Brass objects oxidized. In these mirrors you can see beautiful layers of green patina naturally resulted from oxidizing them.


Materials: Oxidized brass

Dimensions: H20 x W15  x D9 cm

Variations: Brass with a green patina. Each piece is unique.

Edition of 5 only!


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