An olfactory experience during the London Design Festival 2013

“The Perfume Sir exhibition did what DesignMarketo does best — challenging the status quo of design with beautiful results.”— Dan Rubinstein, New-York

For this year’s Design Festival, DesignMarketo creates a confluence of olfactory objects, foods, beverages, and events based on the humble spice, pepper. Perfume, sir? is a sensorial exhibition exploring the diverse attributes of this ubiquitous spice.

‘Why pepper? Because it’s the spice of all spices, widely used in perfumery, and we wanted pepper to finally get what it deserves: the limelight.’

DesignMarketo has invited eight international designers to create a work informed by pepper. Perfume, Sir? exhibits this collection of limited edition design products, host an installation and a series of dinners and workshops, all using the scent, history, and form of pepper as the inspiration.

17—21 September 2013
Londonewcastle Project Space
28 Redchurch Street
London, E2 7DP
Presenting special commissions from:
Arlette Ess (CH)
Chiara Onida & AUT (IT)
Lex Pott (NL)
Odd Matter (NL/BG)
Peter Marigold (UK)
Pia Wustenberg (UK/FIN/DE)
Zaven (IT)
together with some pepper cocktails by Maurizio (Bar Basso)!

Dinners: The Golden Canteen (that doesnt glitter)
A unique evening dinner experience inspired by “the black gold,” as pepper was often referred till Middle Ages. Specially organised for the Perfume, Sir? exhibition by renowned Italian food designer Arabeschi di Latte in collaboration with Trangallan, one of East London most interesting gastro/cultural spaces, the two night only event are a unique chance to discover and be amazed by the various and mysterious attributes that pepper can bring to your dinner.

Wednesday 18th, 7.30pm and Friday 20th, 7.30pm

Workshops: Ice Sculpting and Cocktail Making
a magical and enigmatic workshop with Jacopo Sarzi
Saturday 21st, 5pm & 7.30pm

Londonewcastle Project Space
Casa Mariol