Control the Spice
Odd Matter

‘Control the Spice’ intends to give back a visual and physical value to the peppercorn. By casting the peppercorns in four different precious metals (gold, silver, bronze and brass), four measures are created. Each representing their own value in peppercorns. These cast peppercorns are then used in an abacus. Their measurements are visualized through the pouches that come together with the abacus pin. Each pocket fits the amount of peppercorns the metal version is worth.


Materials: Large brooch: Gold/Silver/Bronze ; Small brooch:  Silver/Bronze/Brass ; Pouch: Leather, Black peppercorns

Dimensions: Small brooch = 30:22:5 mm ; Large brooch = 40:22:5 mm ; Small pouch = 60:80:10 mm ; Large pouch  = 80:140:10 mm (pouch sizes are roughly)

Edition of 5 only!


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