Bar Alto is a travelling-popup-bar-exhibition-commission-party-cocktail-making-fun-having-dinners-design! If you haven’t been to one of our event, it’s a shame: you are missing something! Come to the next one!

• Exhibition: we invite designers to design and produce limited editions of objects in relationship with the theme
• Shop: the limited edition is for sale and it’s your chance to get a nice souvenir with a bit of everyday-life poetry, or this nearly impossible to find special gifts
• Food design: We organise and commission special diners where designer collaborate with chef to explore new territories
• There is a bar! and it’s usually the best place where to meet and network in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Bar Alto is also a continuing hommage to our friend Maurizio Stochetto’s “Bar Basso”. We invite regularly to help us prepare Negronis and even commission him to bring some new delicious mixed beverage.
Our initial aim was to provide London and the London Design Festival with a place similar to the Milano’s Bar Basso during the Salone. The project grew a little bit more and took us to visit various Design Festival from Atlanta to Kortrijk, Milano…