We like the importance grains have in our society, compared to the little knowledge we have about them. From bread to incense via music: grains are everywhere. We like that we consume them everyday (from rice to beer), as well as the more philosophical aspects they carry.
This is what inspired our brief to our four collaborators: Pia Wüstenberg, Lauren Davies, AVM Curiosities and Studi’O Portable.

At the occasion of Doug Aitken’s show at the Barbican, DesignMarketo invites the Station To Station’s visitors to explore the beauty and wonders of Grains in a series of hands-on workshops titled “Grains for Thoughts”.
Grains for Thought is a series of design-led workshops exploring creative processes and collaborations around the theme of Grains. We invited designers we admire to organise grain based hands-on workshops: with Lauren Davies’s incense, Pia and Moritz Wüstenberg scents and alcoholic preservation, Study O Portable’s cereal-based groove and AVM Curiosities’ toasting poetry.

Mill them, Drink them, Glue them, Eat them, Paste them.

Grains for Thoughts:
5th, 12th, 19th and 26th July
12.30 – 2.30pm
Art Gallery, Barbican

5 July 2015 Distilled Scents with Pia and Moritz Wüstenberg
12 July 2015 Cereal Incense with Lauren Davies
19 July 2015 The Poetry of Toast with AVM Curiosities
26 July 2015 Popcorn Music with Study O Portable

Grain for Thoughts is part of the Station to Station, a project by Doug Aitken.
The Art Gallery Barbican
27 June —26 July 2015 opened daily
12:00 – 18:00
Commissioned by Leila Hasham